March Wishlist from Banggood

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March Wishlist from Banggood
Well found! It’s springtime, but if we look at the window it’s winter all the way.
Although the sun is still not showing up, it does not mean we’re still thinking about winter.
We want to go as quickly as possible and meet the sun, caress our rays, remove the thick clothes from the closet and enjoy the warmth.
So today I want to introduce some very good outfits for the period we all expect.
And as we talk about spring, we only think of everything beautiful and colossal.
Flowers, butterflies and more sunshine. So how are these wonderful clothes … very nice colored.

Floral print blouse shirt, very elegant and light, green. It can be treated with either a long or short sleeve.

You can wear it with pants, jeans or even a skirt.
Dresses are also worshiped by women, whether they are short or long, never demolish.
Bohemian dresses are quite popular and appreciated by everyone. for their style, for elegance and refinement.

women swimsuits are very beautiful, To have the desired outfit when you go to the beach, order from time to time
There are plenty of people who prefer high waisted bikini . We also come to their help.
When you do not have time to go to beauty salons, you can bring the salon to you with ,facial pore cleanser and black dots.
Are you tired of right hair sponge and you do not know how to sit it? No problem . we have the unskilled products for a salon even from the comfort of your home
There are people who want to get rid of the hair straightening brush and want it more and more right. We have available products for this category of people.
You have to go to a party and you want to choose a outfit dress, now you have a helmet, transparent bra that does not leave you hard
You often do not have time to go to the salon to do your nails. But to be quieter and do not forget the date you’re scheduled you can make your own salon with uv nail product and uv nail lamp
Bun gasit !. Este primavara calendaristic, dar daca ne uitam pe geam este o iarna in toata regula.
Cu toate ca soarele inca nu isi face aparitia asta nu inseamna ca noi stam cu gandul tot la iarna.
Vrem sa plece cat mai repede si sa ne intalnim cu soarele, sa ne mangaie cu razele lui , sa scoatem hainele groase din dulap si sa ne bucuram de caldura .
Asa ca azi vreau sa va prezint cateva tinute tocmai bune pentru perioada pe care o asteptam cu totii.
Si cum vorbim despre primavara , nu ne gandim decat la totul frumos coloar si viu . Flori , fluturi si cat mai mult soare .Asa cum sunt si aceste haine minunate …foarte frumos colorate .
Camasa casual florala , foarte eleganta si lejera , de culoare verde . Se poat epurta atat cu maneca lunga sau scurta.
O poti purta atat cu pantaloni , blugi sau chiar si o fusta.

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